Share Certificate



  1. A shareholder is an owner, while the director manages and oversees the company
  2. The shareholders appoint the directors, and can fire a director if he or she fails to do a good job.
  3. The directors are responsible for maintaining and signing the share certificates when they are issued. Without the signature the certificate is not valid
  4. CIPC the registrar of companies records the names and details of the directors but not the shareholders. Subsequently changing directors must follow the CIPC legal process and takes up to six weeks.
  5. Shareholder changes can be done on this site immediately.


  1. A share register and printed shares is a legal requirement of owning a company. Our system makes it easy to maintain your administration of both the register and the share certificates.
  2. It proves legal ownership of the company. If you possess a properly signed, original share certificate you have legal proof that you own part of the company. The value of that share certificate is directly linked with the financial value of that company
  3. You can sell your shares to raise funding for a business.
  4. It enables you to apply for a BEE Certificate and/or funding

The owner of a share certificate can be a person or any registered entity.


The information on the share certificate will show:

  • Share certificate number (this must be unique)
  • Name of the company
  • Registration number of the company
  • Street and postal address of the company
  • Person to whom the share certificate is issued information
  • Owner street address
  • Number of shares issued

The share certificate must be signed by the company director(s) and where applicable the company secretary. Preferably the company stamp must also be placed on the certificate.


The information of all share certificates issued must be recorded in the company share register.


Cost for New Share Certificate: R 50.00 per shareholder


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